Can Reading And Writing Skills Improve Your Life? Explain

It’s widely known that reading can be a great form of entertainment, but a lesser-known fact is that it’s also a great stress reliever. The benefits of reading have been proven for enhancing critical thinking and concentration, so participating in mental health is beneficial for these qualities(Brison). Putting words to one’s thought have proven to be one of the best stress-relievers and improves the way a person expresses themselves.   

Writing well means getting to know books. Successful writers have often stated that well-read people are better writers. In addition, reading helps you acquire a more comprehensive and rich vocabulary. Having a book as a companion is one of the best ways to be acquainted with a fresh set of vocabulary and also enhance their usage in a specific context. The diversity of writers and their range of knowledge make reading a variety of books an excellent way to become familiar with this knowledge without having to go out and learn everything oneself from scratch. We communicate what we know; we write about what knowledge we have acquired.

Reading more brings out a tremendous quality of understanding to the brain and this understanding of a wide range of ideas can become a tool of trade, an advantage in real-life situations. Writing gives expression to our thoughts. Reading is the food for our thoughts and its quality brought out in written form proves to be its nutritional value. The more learned a person is, the more skilled he is at writing. IT helps us understand ourselves better, the people around us, and the world in general(Pérez).

 There are many ways that reading and writing can help transform one’s life. Research has found that 42% of college graduates have never read a book before graduating. Yet another study has shown that reading regularly has a positive impact on brain functions. The benefits of regular reading to the brain can be immense. Reading helps increase concentration by exercising the brain, as well as keeping it agile and alert. As one progresses in age, the brain and mental functions start to decline according to a leading medical journal. Studies have found reading can help keep the brain healthier with age and improve the brain faculties.

In a Science study, it was found that readers who read about emotions experience a more complete understanding of what other people think. Fiction helps one imagine. It is like the engine oil to the machinery called the brain.  It makes a person multidimensional and helps them understand better other people’s opinions and beliefs, desires, and thoughts. It brings in the understanding that different people think differently and also helps them understand the possible reasoning behind it. 

Practicing writing has proven to have great psychological benefits(Niles et al.). It can help to relieve devastating symptoms of depression, increase emotional intelligence, cultivate openness to different cultures and perspectives.

In conclusion, it can be said that reading and writing are both activities that can help significantly transform a person’s life. They improve the mental faculty as well as the individuality of the person.

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