How Pornography Promote Violence Against Women

Currently, the existence of the internet has made it possible for various individuals to access pornographic materials. In return, the consumption of such materials has impacted an individual’s behavior and way of life. Additionally, some contents from pornographic videos show violence prevalence against women, which may affect this content’s consumers’ behaviors. In this regard, the essay aims at expounding on how pornography promotes violence against women.

Various studies have shown the existing correlation between pornography, which is sexually violent, and its relationship with attitudes that can support violence against women. In relation, the videos’ content plays a significant role in influencing the behaviors of men (DeKeseredy, 220). As a result, it changes the individual’s perceptions and believes hence altering their rational reasoning. Women are the ones who bear the impact of demoralized behaviors of pornography (Walter, 227). Besides, many producers deliver content involving sexualizing women at school, work, or even a male doctor having sexual acts with a female patient. These actions may reflect the victimization of the female gender (Goodson, 2). In this manner, male consumers of such content may be influenced to engage in similar acts, contributing to sexual violence against women.

In conclusion, pornography plays a significant role in promoting sexual violence against women. In relation, the action results from the content consumers receive from the material they consume. Besides, the influence of pornographic materials may influence an individual’s inability to reason. As a result, it may lead to men engaging in violence against women, creating issues such as rape. Also, the content may influence individuals to engage in sexual activities to emulate the videos’ actions. In return, this may lead to women’s use as sex objects, hence promoting violence against them.

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