How to write a letter to a friend

The finest approach to express your love for your closest buddy is to write him a letter. Even if you’ve known them for decades, just a few years, or a few months, writing them a letter may help you communicate your sentiments. Writing a letter to a friend shows them how much you care about them.

The nicest part about writing a letter to a friend is that he or she will be able to preserve it as a reminder of your relationship. Consequently, years from now, they’ll be able to look back on these letters and recall their relationship with you and the golden era. Although sending letters is a wonderful way to express your emotions, putting your sentiments into words may be tough. We’ll teach you how to write a letter to your closest buddy as well as the letter structure, in this article.

How to start writing a letter to a friend

The format of the letter is very important in writing a letter to someone, and it must be followed. However, the personal letter format can be followed while writing a letter to your friend. Here is the format in which you can write the letter efficiently:

  • The writer’s address
  • The date on which the letter was written
  • Greetings
  • The letter’s body
  • Conclusion 
  • Signature or name of the writer

Step 1: Provide a mailing address

The mailing address of the writer is inscribed in the letter’s upper right corner. You may also skip the address entirely if you’re writing to a really close friend who already knows your location.

Step 2: Write the date 

The date on which the letter has been composed is also written in the upper right corner of the letter. The date is followed by the address.

Step 3: Write a greeting

You might start your letter with a greeting. Consider the friend’s connection to you while greeting him. Your choice of the greeting phrases depends on your writing style. Some of the greetings are “hi”, “hello”, “dear”, etc. Greetings can be written before the name of your friend.

Step 4: Initiate the letter with platitudes

The letter does not have to be official or professional since it is being written to a friend. Warmth and levity could be a part of your letter writing style. You might begin your letter by inquiring regarding the family of your friend. “How are you all doing?” and “How are you and your family?” are frequent inquiries to begin a casual letter.

Step 5: The Letter’s Body

This section is where you may share your latest news, mutual interests, similar experiences, and inquiries. In a nutshell, this section comprises all the information you’d want to communicate with your buddy. Because it is a letter to a friend, you don’t need to use formal or professional language. You are also permitted to make jokes or use slang that you would normally use when conversing with a friend in person. However, this is dependent on your friendship with the person and how close he is to you.

Step 6: The Letter’s Ending

Closing the letter with heartfelt remarks and wishes is as important as the other elements of the letter. The following are some examples of the closing remarks:

  • Have a lovely holiday!
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • I hope you will visit me soon.
  • With much love!
  • Can’t wait to see you!
  • Send your family my love. See you soon.
  • Thank you for being a wonderful bestie.
  • Looking forward to hearing all your news.
  • Give my regards to all in the family.

If you are writing the letter for a particular reason, express that specific reason again at the conclusion of the letter. Then compose a suitable ending with closing words. Goodluck, respects, truly, cheers, take care, and so on are a few words that can be used at the end of your letter. Selecting an ending phrase that complements the letter’s tone is an easy task to accomplish.

Optional but effective steps

Along with the necessary steps listed above for writing a letter, there are also optional measures that you may take to express even more affection and warmth to your buddy via the letter. These steps are as follows:

Step 6: Create a design and décor it

You may use anything you want to design your letter. Remember to consider the personality of your friend, hobbies, and the event while you are designing your letter. Make use of colors, stamping, drawings, and glitter to decorate your letter. The letter should seem to be entertaining and intriguing. Your closest buddy will be thrilled to get it in this manner. Designing the outside of your envelope will also be a good idea.

Step 7: Include small artefacts and pictures

If you have any photographs or small artefacts, include them with your message. This will help recall the memory in a very exciting manner. But this step is completely optional. You can also attach a picture of you and your closest buddy on an occasion when you were both present. A tiny gift, including a piece of jewelry, candy, or anything you have created yourself, might also be appropriate. It will give your best buddy the vibes of even more love and appreciation. It will also make you feel better.


Presently, the majority of us rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, among others, to stay in contact with our loved ones. The majority of us do not write letters to our friends to keep in contact with them. On the other hand, we are more used to writing formal letters. It is normal for many individuals to write casual letters in the same manner as official letters. Composing a casual letter may prove to be a challenge for you at first, if you are not used to conversing with your friends via written correspondence. However, following the above-mentioned methods will make things much simpler and easier.

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